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I think we all know and appreciate how powerful nature can be and I don’t just mean hurricanes and cyclones. How much better do we feel after some time pottering in the garden or tending to some plants? How refreshing is a walk along New Brighton front on a blustery day? How glorious does it feel to have the sun shining on our faces and our toes in the sand? I’m sure these statements will have evoked happy memories and thoughts of being outside and enjoying nature. And that’s because it’s good for us. Thanks to clever design, we can now bring the outside in to our offices which can have a very positive impact. 

What is Biophilic Design?

This may be a new word for you! Fundamentally, this is an innovative way of designing buildings and interiors to integrate living, working and nature – it’s the relationship between people and nature and recognising its importance in design.
We instinctively know the advantages natural light and fresh air have on our wellbeing but now, thanks to technological advances, we are finding out more about the positive impact on people of digital imagery and natural elements in the workplace. There is a lot of research into biophilic design but this report that we found has some interesting statistics: it claims that employees who work in environments with natural elements report a 15% higher level of well-being, are 6% more productive and 15% more creative overall.

Quantum2 can help you and your business achieve this too. Read on ….

Quantum2 and biophilic design

We appreciate the ‘force of nature’ and it’s something that we’ll discuss with you when you commission us to redesign your office space. Here are some ideas:

• Where is the natural light? We can help you harness that natural light so that it benefits your employees as much as possible.
• Using imagery to evoke nature e.g. digital wall paper coverings
• Plant walls – these may sound extreme and you might think they’re hard to maintain but we can help with all of that!
• Intelligent planting or plant placement
• Furniture design that mimics nature


Our ethos at Quantum2, especially when working with our clients based in the concrete and fabricated panelled walls of city centre offices, is to help bring that organic, biophilic ambience of nature to our interior designs and plans, promoting staff wellbeing, morale, and retention of our clients' much valued workforce.

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