How to Design Spaces That Work For Everyone

Over the last decade our working environment and the way we work has changed dramatically. With commercial property rates escalating year on year, the size of office space has dropped to 150 square feet compared to approx 400 square feet in 1980's. This has resulted in Facilities Managers to seek alternative, cost-effective ways businesses can work and operate. This has culminated in remote working, hot desking and open plan offices becoming commonplace.

One of our specialities at Quantum2 is designing open plan offices. With the right design they can look incredible; capitalising on a businesses workspace and introducing flexible working policies. However, the noise pollution increases with open plan layouts and can often get overlooked in the design phase of office projects... sometimes this process is completely overlooked!

The plus side of an open plan office is creating an ethos of collaborative working, but when it comes to individual work it can be a very distracting and overwhelming environment to work in. A recent study by indicated employees crave privacy with 85% out of 10,000 employees stating that they were unsatisfied with their working environment and prevented them from concentrating efficiently.

The cost of distraction:

The average workers get interrupted every 11 minutes, resulting in 23 minutes to return to 'flow' (the state where we're most deeply engaged).  This has an estimated impact of around £52-70 billion to the British Economy every year.

In a large spacious open plan office, it’s hard to break up the space up and prevent noise levels from getting too distractedly high. Everyone works differently and Quantum2 make sure we accommodate this. Studies suggest that just under 50% of the population are introverts; introverts prefer to work individually from time to time and perform better in quieter environments. It's vital for any successful business to accommodate the needs of all their workforce with space to complete tasks to their best ability. At Quantum2, we combat this by separating the office space into zones that staff can move around in throughout the day from task to task.
If you have already moved into a new open plan office and just found this article looking for answers to your problems... fear not! The right solution can be achieved with agile furniture, movable meeting pods and acoustic screens; that absorb the excessive noise from around the room. Just contact us here and we'll get right back to you with advice.

Below are just a few examples of how we can help boost the productivity and wellbeing of your staff:

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