How To Get It Right...

With the spectrum of restaurant design being so vast, our clients come to us sometimes mind boggled and exhausted with the prospect of moulding different ideas they like from different design themes they have seen into their project. At Quantum2 we start with the 'fundamentals and the why?' We design spaces that help improve your market positioning. Here are a couple of pointers to keep in mind:

Every Detail Counts

There are many factors why customers don't return to restaurants. Sometimes the reason is obvious—the food isn't up to standard, the cocktails aren't good, the service is poor, the staff are unfriendly or disorganised, but it could be something as minor as the space just didn’t “feel” right. Maybe the lighting is too bright or too dim? The bar top isn’t set at a comfortable height, or the music is a tad too loud or inappropriate. Perhaps the space is cluttered? Or the décor is colour is overwhelming. I could go on but I'm sure you can see just how many design aspects need to be considered. A recent report within the industry indicated that 60% of restaurants fail in the first three years. With so many restaurant options all over the UK's bustling towns and cities, consumers don’t have to return to a place that wasn’t “just right.” Especially in established urban centres of Liverpool, Manchester & Chester. So how do you find the right interior to fit your customer base?  Here's some Quantum2 advice on where to start with your theme.

Youthful Vibe

If you're setting up in catchment area that is burgeoning with young 20 something adults working hard and socialising frequently, then your restaurant or bar needs a hip, youthful, 'vibey' and a your trusted design team at Quantum2 will make it happen. We cannot stress enough how critical it is to align the interior design with not only your branding, but also that it fits in theme with the restaurants outside world, architecture and culture around it. This generation love something different, quirky and inviting and it needs to have an interior design that will give it a strong brand on social media, where this generation spend their time communicating and sharing. If your interior setting looks fantastic on Instagram and Facebook, this generation can inadvertently bolster promotion of it and grow the brand for you by wanting to be associated with it online and frequent it regularly.

The Brand DNA

In a competitive market restaurant concepts need everything from a solid space and stunning interior design to the right signage, a great logo, and perfect music if they’re going to last past their first three years. The idea that unites all of these elements is the brand DNA. 

The brand DNA helps to link the food, beverages, service, operational flow, design, and all other aspects that come into play to make a thing what it is. It sets a path, or a truth north compass for the project. Your DNA is something that resonates with the brand throughout it’s lifetime (or until a re-brand). Single out that DNA, what it is that beats at the heart of the restaurant, and what both you and your diners love so much. 


If your business model is focused on a quick rotation in a high footfall area, your staff need to be enthusiastic and attentive at all times during busy service periods. However, it is key to let you customers enjoy their experience. There can be a fine balance between energetic and annoying. Ensuring there is a happy medium that doesn't hinder the progress of rotation and volume is key to keeping the business successful.... but so is the interior! It is key to create an environment that is not only stylish, but also fun with bold colours to draw the customers through the front door. 

At Quantum2 we push a new aesthetic on everything we design. With your budget in mind, we create the desired look that doesn't compromise your style. We ensure sure that every stage is completed to a high standard that is functional and marketable, creating the foundations of success from the start.

Are you ready?

Your interior, along with good food, great drinks and wonderful staff, should all come together to create a memorable experience that keeps your customers coming back for more. Speak to Quantum2 today to see how we can work with you to design your unique space. 

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