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The good old plug. The wheel might be the greatest invention but honestly, what would we do without plugs?! You might think of them as being bulky and clunky but that no longer has to be the case. In an office refurbishment project, power sources, like plugs, and their placement are a critical part of the design, not just so that your employees can actually work but also so that your office space looks contemporary. 

The everyday plug has changed over the years quite considerably but Quantum2 is plugged in to all the developments.   

The first change we need to make to your vocab is to use the term ‘power module’ rather than plug. The three-pronged device which keeps us connected is obviously still around but for our tablets and smart phones we have USBs and USB ports. Sleek power modules now exist so that USBs and plugs can sit side-by-side and these can have a positive impact on the design of your office. Plugs no longer need to protrude from the walls with cables trailing, creating a potential trip hazard; they can now be discreet and hidden away.

The next thing to consider is what you want your power module to do – is it just for good old fashioned plugs or do you want it to combine plugs with USBs? Plugs with USBs with AV sockets? Here are a few options for you to consider:

Under-floor – we have a wide range of options for underfloor power and the one you choose will depend on your budget. Under floor solutions use under floor power too (sounds obvious but just want to make sure it’s clear!) so no human intervention is required; as a result, they don’t really work for USBs as these are usually used for portable devices such as tablets and smart phones.
The slab box is our most budget friendly whereas the integral floor box is almost completely concealed under the floor and carpet - great if you want to achieve smooth, clean lines in the office.
Best for permanent work stations.

Under-desk - Following on from under floor are under desk power modules. These are probably our most affordable options and they do the job well. They’re hidden under the desk and are certainly more portable than the underfloor options - they’re great if you need some flexibility with your power source. The Conti under desk power solution is customisable too allowing you to create something that really suits your business needs.
Best for those looking for quality and affordability.

Panel mounted - these are extremely versatile as they too can be bespoke to your business needs. Power outlets for UK devices as well as those to accommodate foreign plugs can sit alongside USB ports and AV outlets. Quantum2 has several panel mounted power modules in its range to fit in with different office interior designs: from the traditional Power unit to the more modern Pixel UTF with others in between.
Best for booths like this one from Arny Adytum or this Cocoon media unit from Boss design.

On-desk and in-desk – As the name suggests, these are either built into the desk or sit on desks or conference rooms tables allowing team members or visitors to plug in and power up with traditional sockets or USBs easily and effectively.

There are lots of options available in this range depending on your design needs, space and power source function – they can be built into the desk, with covers for a ‘tidy’ desk appearance when not in use, pyramid shaped and even wireless but our most popular by far is the Pluto. This dome effect power module comes in a range of colours and designs making it a must-have in any office interior design – sitting on the desk or in more informal breakout areas. Best for the desk, conference tables and breakout areas.

So, if you’re interested in streamlining your power supply, removing trip hazards and having power access contribute to office design, why not give us a call? These power modules are easy to install and can really tidy up your work areas. Quantum2’s team of designers can discuss your existing set-up and how it might be adapted to incorporate some of the power solutions we’ve discussed here.

The simple plug isn’t going anywhere but we can hide it from view or make it a feature leaving you with a contemporary, efficient, charged up office space.
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