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The link between social media, restaurant decor and Quantum2...

We know that what we wear, how we look, ‘our style’, says a lot about us. And the same applies to eating places 🍽. Restaurateurs and café owners know how they want customers to feel and work with designers like us at Quantum2 to create that look and ambience. This isn’t a new thing of course but with social media, the rationale behind the décor is changing.

So social media 🤳has two roles in the metaphorical feast that we’ll pick apart called dining.

1.Restaurateurs understand that in a world of social media where we fail to connect with others face to face, customers want interaction and an ‘experience’. They want to leave well-fed and well-connected 🤝.

2. The world we live in means that we can get what we want, when we want and on the whole, that’s the way we live. Consumerism at its best. But, things are changing. Social media has brought with it a degree of authenticity, a behind the scenes look at chefs 👨‍🍳 in their kitchens, prepping food, foraging, visiting local markets and this desire for authenticity has transferred itself to diners. We care about the provenance of our food and the way it’s been lovingly prepared in the kitchen for our delectation. We want natural, well-cooked, quality food.

In the age of delivery apps, it’s important that your establishment reflects these qualities in order to bring those just perusing your menu outside, through the door.

Imagine this …

Wood, metal and muted tones: the tables are wooden but look slightly worn and weathered, with sturdy, ‘functional’ metal legs; the floor is wooden; and there’s wood panelling on the walls. The wood panelling is original, from days gone by but it doesn’t matter. Old or new has the same effect.

The metal accents continue with the chairs, the bar & the vintage, grey pendant lights, the soft greys picked up in the choice of wall colours too. The exposed brickwork behind the bar provides texture and draws the eye, marking it out as different to the rest of the restaurant.
The large, original windows overlooking the street let the natural light stream in and ‘natural’ 🌿 is the theme which brings all these details together. The place feels rustic, stripped back, calm; it feels homemade. To the consumer this says, “Eat here, the food is fresh, natural, made on site, ‘just like mother used to make’”.

But, you’re not stepping back in time here at all; in this world of ‘bling’ that we live in, the nostalgic ambience with a modern twist is a winning formula and it’s global, making us feel safe and secure in what we can expect, even when abroad.
Now, imagine this: a restaurant that uses grey too but this time to create a classy, modern exterior – the double fronted large windows create quite a statement.

This restaurant’s interiors are not subtle - they’re clamouring for attention, saying fun, glamour, affluence & decadence. How do they achieve that?

You walk into a cool marble restaurant which stretches a long way back – the light bounces off the marble, making the space feel even larger and creating a sense of opulence. They use rich, bold colours (teal and tan) & luxurious leather for the seating. The marble is a muted grey but it’s offset with matt gold detailing – understated glamour. And guess what? Here, they also have stone tiled walls (shades of grey) and wood detailing, a nod to their ethos: ‘fresh food daily’.
These are fictional restaurants but they sound inviting, right? We’re pretty sure we’d like to go! In both descriptions we’ve discussed the restaurant interior décor as well as the furnishings, the tables and chairs because they need to be cohesive to create a great appearance and feeling as people walk through the door. That balance suggests quality and people are always after that.

Whatever your vision, we can bring it to life – countrified 🍂, industrial 🏭, contemporary, versatile, classic 🏛– we have a wide range of wall coverings, floors, textiles and furnishings at our fingertips ready to refurb your restaurant. And if you’re not sure about your style or the identity of your restaurant, our team of designers are highly skilled and experienced in asking you the right questions to discover what’s unique about you and your bar and how that’s reflected in the decor.

Delivery apps may be encouraging people to eat in, but Instagram is encouraging us to dine out, post pics of what we ate and where we were. To make sure that your new venture is ‘likeable’ ♥ or that your existing business keeps up with the Millennial generation, give us a call and we can create a great atmosphere and interior setting that’s likely to go viral. 📈

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