Pantone 2020 Classic Blue

Pantone's colour of the year 2020 announcement

Colour is such a big part of what we do in office refurbishment. It impacts well-being, can be included in your design when you ‘bring the outside in’ and, of course, your office furniture colour palette can be tied into your company’s branding. We like to pay particular attention to the announcement from colour-gurus, Pantone, about their colour of the year. Last year it was ‘Living Coral’: a vibrant colour that would inject energy and life into any office space; the colour of optimism, they said. But what would be the colour of the year for 2020?

Pantone announced last week that the colour for the first year of the new decade is ‘Classic Blue’. That may sound dull in comparison to ‘living coral’ but, as you can imagine, much thought goes into their decision making: they have said that in these changing, uncertain times, classic blue evokes feelings of security, reliability and stability. In short, it’s dependable.

The international authority on colour also says that this shade of blue is reminiscent of the sky and encourages us all to participate in some ‘blue sky thinking’ – coming up with solutions to problems beyond the obvious, thinking more deeply and opening lines of communication. Exactly what you get from Quantum2!

How does this impact you though, the business owner? Classic blue is, as the name suggests, a classic, safe colour and so it lends itself well to office design; blue is so universally liked that using this colour in your office will also strike a chord with clients, even if they don’t notice it at the time. They should leave with those same feelings about your business that Pantone mentioned: reliability, stability – all great attributes for a business.

With last week’s election out of the way and Brexit sure to happen in 2020, stability seems more certain for us in the UK. Does that mean 2020 is the year for you to revamp your office space? As we enter a new decade, is now the time to bring your workplace into the 21st century?

Here are our thoughts on how you can make this happen.

If 2020 is the year that you’re going to embark on the office refurbishment that you’ve been promising your employees, we, at Quantum2, are well equipped to help you: we have a fantastic team who are experienced, knowledgeable and creative and if you want to incorporate classic blue into your office space, they will be able to bring it to life!

  • We create to scale models of how the space will look after the renovation, allowing for ‘walk-throughs’ with management and staff to showcase the changes and listen to feedback.
  • If you do like the thought of classic blue, or if you have any other colours in mind, we will be able to source them - wall coverings, office flooring, office furniture and accessories.
  • We work to budget and agreed timescales - check out some of our projects and testimonials here.

A freshen up

If your office just needs a freshen up or you’re keen to stay bang on trend, then we can come to your assistance. As much as we relish in a complete office renovation, we also really enjoy taking what’s there and giving it an update.
When you call us for a no obligation office visit, we’ll take a look around and think about where we could incorporate classic blue … or in fact any colour or new requirement you have up your sleeve! We’re often asked to do this when there’s been a rebranding or a scale up in employees.

Some simple ideas for a freshen up include

  • New flooring, artwork or soft furnishings such as chairs in reception.
  • Review of desk configuration to accommodate more employees. Taking on more staff involves more than just tacking on a few more desks and grabbing some chairs from the nearest meeting room! Well-being is critical to employee happiness so ensuring that they have a desk at the right height, for example, or the correct ergonomic chair will go some way to making them happy at work and, therefore, more productive!
  • Incorporating some break-out areas. This harks back to staff well being and people approaching work in different ways – there isn’t a one size fits all and it’s a good idea to provide options for your staff and places where they can do some of that good ol’ blue sky thinking Pantone were talking about.

Whatever 2020 has in store for your business, we can make your office space suit your plans. If Pantone are your colour gurus, then add us to your directory as office refurb gurus. Like classic blue, we won’t let you down!

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