The F94 is available in a range of mechanisms and finishes to enable a consistent look across a workspace and maximise the ROI for any budget. F94 offers a full supporting back with integrated lumbar and is fully adjustable on a ratchet system. A sliding lumbar band offers even more support and is fitted as is standard across the F94 range. The full mesh contoured back and waterfall seat is designed for comfort to come as standard. The entry F94 offers a simple and solid mechanism, mid F94 mechanism has a double articulation tilt for smooth and comfortable dynamic movement and a seat slide. The top mechanism brings the ultimate comfort and aesthetics with a beautifully finished polished aluminium mechanism. Mid and high-level mechanisms can have optional locking 4D multifunctional arms.

The F94 boasts three of the most intuitive mechanisms on the market to operate. The entry level is a simple to use chair and both the mid and top range mechanism has our patented three pictorial control buttons on the right-hand side of the seat to make it easy to adjust the seat height, seat depth and enable dynamic movement. The chair can also be locked off in many locations to suit the user. The mid and top F94 has a robust mechanism which works like a knee tilt mechanism for the first articulation at the underside of the thighs but the second articulation point is under the ‘sitting bones’ (ischial tuberosities) and this feature gives constant support in active mode whilst reducing the pressure on the underside of the user’s thighs. An extendable direct tension control on the right-hand side of the seat controls the resistance of the chair from eight stone to twenty-three and a half.

The chair has two style options for headrests. A large, fixed angle headrest for executive chairs and 24/7 areas and a medium size headrest that offers height and angle adjustment. Armrests are connected from the rear of the chair, allowing users to get closer to the workstation. There are three arm options: basic 3D, elegant 3D and 4D locking multifunctional arms. All arms can be removed from the chair without effecting the design of the chair or leaving hazardous protruding parts.

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