A Good Reason To Stand

No human body ever evolved to sit at a desk.

That’s why the health benefits of standing while you work can be so marked, just because that’s how the human body was designed.

As in all things, moderation is the key, but standing to work for a short time, or holding standing meetings can make you healthier, happier, and better able to concentrate. Even when you’re sitting down.

Increased capacity

Standing up while working increases movement, provides freedom and reduces mental blocks. This means greater workforce capacity.

Feel the burn

Studies show standing at your desk causes the heart to beat an average of ten beats per minute faster. That’s fifty calories an hour burnt working out at 400 calories per day!

Reduce metabolic risk

Prolonged sitting is associated with greater metabolic risk, diabetes and heart disease. Standing, and moving, reduces the risk.

Live longer

In 2009 over 17,000 workers were studied. The conclusion? We should avoid extended periods of sitting. A study in the US found that sitting under three hours per day might increase life expectancy by as much as two years.

Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Our 'Sit/Stand' electric height adjustable desks have push button controls to adjust the working desk height. This ease of desk height adjustment encourages staff to change frequently from seated working to working in a standing position. These sit and stand desks help to achieve an ergonomic working position which can alleviate some back aches and pains. The electric height adjustment desk frame is controlled by a convenient switch on the side of the desk top. Sit Stand desks are beneficial in office environments allowing staff to regularly change from seated working to a stand up desk position which can help with circulation and posture as well as improving concentration. 

The smooth powered motor makes it quick for people of all sizes to change the desk to their desired working height. Ideal in shared co-working spaces. Our electric height adjustable desks are British made and carry 10 year guarantees.

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