Here you will find the latest interior design trends, workplace furniture and technology we are really excited about!

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Work from home..

These uncertain times mean that we must adapt our working practices and we are seeing more and more people working from home (WFH) at the moment including the Quantum2 team. As you might be working from home for a while, why not take the opportunity to get it right, to set up your home-work area correctly for you, once and for all? In our opinion, there’s only one thing you really need!   

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2018 - Year of Ultra Violet 

In the history books, purple has been synonymous with royalty, dating back from Roman times through the middle ages... 

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Wellness & wellbeing in the workplace

Exploring how good office interior design can benefit staff wellness and wellbeing 

Biophilic design

Exploring the relationship between people and nature within the workplace using design has never been more paramount than now. 

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The heart of restaurant design

With the spectrum of restaurant design being so vast, our clients come to us sometimes mind boggled and exhausted with the prospect of moulding different ideas they like from different design themes they have seen into their project. 

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Office lighting boost

A new study has show that personalised, controllable office lighting leads to Improved sleep by office workers with, cooler, brighter lighting that they can control personally.

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2019 - Year of Living Coral

Since Pantone released the Colour of the Year for 2019 there has been a somewhat mixed reaction from opinionated 'specialists'. Love it or hate it 16-1546 is here to stay.. for this year at least!

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Power Modules

Power-up your business

The good old plug. The wheel might be the greatest invention but honestly, what would we do without plugs? 

The first change we need to make to your vocab is to us the term 'power module' rather than plug..

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Workplace security.. Are you doing enough?

Your business is your livelihood and unless you’re working alone, it’s likely to provide employment to some employees too. It sounds obvious but it’s essential to keep your business secure along with its assets, no matter how low on crime you think the local area or how much you trust those visiting. 

The link between social media, restaurant decor & Quantum2

Restaurateurs and café owners know how they want customers to feel and work with designers like us at Quantum2 to create that look and ambience. This isn’t a new thing of course but with social media, the rationale behind the décor is changing.  

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Interior Design

Why employ an interior designer for your office space?

 If you were considering an interior designer for your own home, you might consider it a luxury, an unnecessary cost but when it comes to office space, it’s essential. Here are ten reasons to phone Quantum2 before you start your office refurbishment and arrange a consultation with one of our interior designers

Pantone 2020 Classic Blue

Pantone colour of the year 2020 announcement

Pantone announced last week that the colour for the first year of the new decade is ‘Classic Blue’. They have said that in these changing, uncertain times, classic blue evokes feelings of security, reliability and stability. In short, it’s dependable. 

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Talking acoustics

The average workers get interrupted every 11 minutes, resulting in 23 minutes to return to 'flow' (the state where we're most deeply engaged). This has an estimated impact of around £52-70 billion to the British Economy every year. 

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