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10 reasons to employ an office interior designer..

Why you must employ an interior designer for your office space?

“Why employ an interior designer for my office space?” you might think.

If you were considering an interior designer for your own home, you might consider it a luxury, an unnecessary cost but when it comes to office space, it’s essential. Here are ten reasons to phone Quantum2 before you start your office refurbishment and arrange a consultation with one of our interior designers.

1. Office vs kitchen

The room in the house that is most like an office space is the kitchen – a kitchen is functional but yet you want it to look good too; you imagine inviting your friends over and them being impressed with the lighting, the worktops, the in-built speakers. An office is functional too and we want it to look great and we want it to impress our clients and customers. Most people will employ a designer for a kitchen to ensure that the appliances are discreet, the layout works and the blinds complement the cupboards – why wouldn’t you for an office?

2. Office design – ✅

You’re busy running your successful business. Planning and designing an area where people will work is time consuming. There’s a lot to factor in, some things you may not have even considered until you start planning; there are rules and regulations that you need to observe, again, that you may not know about. Our designers plan and design day in, day out so have all this information at their fingertips. Leave it to the experts.

3. Making your vision a reality

In your mind’s eye, you know how you want your office to look, how you want it to be used by your employees, and how you want to be perceived by your customers. You want light and space, funky chairs, break out spaces and one of those thingummy jiggies that does that thing! A designer can take your description and not only make it a reality but enhance it too. And then you can still say, “This was all my idea!” but without having lifted a finger!

4. Attracting clients and customers

Our interior designers are up-to-date with design trends and what makes people go from window shopping to coming in and browsing and ultimately to buying your product or service. They can tweak ideas to ensure they’re customer friendly and let you know what’s working elsewhere around the globe for your industry or sector.

5. Efficient use of space

As office rents increase, offices are becoming smaller and smaller, especially with the option of working from home for many employees. But small doesn’t have to mean cramped and uncomfortable and with Quantum2’s office and retail furniture knowledge, we can turn any space into a bijou office, bar or retail space that really works for you.

6. Employee satisfaction

We all know that great employees are priceless - we must look after them and part of that is their working environment. Whether they’re staring at a computer screen all day, out selling to clients, or on the shop floor, they all want a comfortable place to work with natural light, furniture that supports their bodies’ needs and somewhere to relax for a few minutes whilst they’re waiting for the kettle to boil. A designer can help to incorporate this functionality to turn your workspace into a place that really does make your employees jump out of bed in the morning!

7. Health and safety

We know that sometimes we all think the world has gone health and safety mad, but the rules and regulations are there for a reason! Using an office interior designer takes the hassle out of office planning as they know how to implement the office safeguards best, without compromising on appearance, design or functionality.

8. Sticking to a budget

When you design and plan your own space, you are likely to go over budget. It’s a fact. You will probably go with what you like rather than what works and as well as being left with a space which isn’t matching your initial vision, you’re out of pocket too. Designers know how to budget and thanks to our myriad of suppliers which cater for all balance sheets, they can achieve the look you’re aiming for, at the price agreed.

9. Future growth

You’re a successful business and you want your office to look great to attract customers, but have you considered future growth? When you sit down with Quantum2, we don’t perform a full audit but we do ask you about where your business is right now and what your plans are for the future. If the future includes expansion in some way, we can include that in the design so that it’s one less thing to worry about when you’re busy …. expanding!

10. Don’t believe us?


Here are what some of our clients have to say about bringing in the Quantum2 team to help with their office redesign:

"Working with the Quantum2 team was seamless from concept to final delivery. We are a dynamic business and wanted a workspace to reflect that on a time-frame that was unrealistic but the team delivered. Looking forward to sharing the next brief with Greg, and the team…"

“This was our second major refurbishment project where we needed assistance from Quantum2. We feel this space is now somewhere our members can relax after a work out in the gym or a football match. The feedback from our members has been fantastic! We'd like to thank all the team at Quantum2 for delivering us this great space for our members and guests alike.. "

Don’t forget, we’re happy to visit you on site with a designer to give you some ideas before you commit to working with us. We understand that it can seem like a huge undertaking, but we guarantee that you won’t regret it. Great design is worth it.

If you would like a chat about this, you can call us on 0151 305 9300 or email us:

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