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Are you concerned about staff retention?

Losing good staff can create painful times for your business... 

  • Think of the time and investment you’ve given to individuals
  • Taking your ideas and knowledge to competitors
  • Jumping ship for a promotion promise 
  • Performing employees can be very hard to replace!

Are you doing everything you can to prevent it? 

Wouldn't it be great for things to be the other way around? Well, it's worth a try, right? Whether you own a tech business or recruitment firm, the same problems arise. However, depending on the nature of your business, there's no denying these issues are happening more frequently. The truth is, the more ambitious the business is, the better calibre of employee is wanted by the owners and shareholders. Why? You'd be doing the same if your profits relied heavily on satisfying those investors or simply you're trying to attract and retain the best talent. 

Ok then, what steps should we take to do something about it? Pay our staff more? Give them better flexible working hours? More days off perhaps? I'm sure your staff would be happy with any of those fixes.

But... what if your competition is already offering these fixes and their offices look like Google’s HQ? 

Change it... refurbish your space. Staff are getting younger, business owners are now millennials, the Zoomer generation don't want a boring grey office to work in, especially when they could work from home (or even a different country). 

You can do this!

Don't let the new guys down the road win, make your place someone everyone loves to work.

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